Company History


AGI actually began as a tiny Christian-based company known as “Sea Stuffe” back in late 1977.  At that time, we were selling mostly things from the sea…sand dollars, on which we painted scenes, plus starfish, and various types of colorful sea shells, which were made into things like Christmas ornaments or clocks, and the smaller items we made into jewelry, refrigerator magnets, and so forth… hence the name, ”Sea Stuffe”…or…”stuff from the sea”…  

In the beginning, owners Rick and Nancy Dean traveled around Florida, with their two young boys, hand delivering their finished nautical products directly to store owners. It didn’t take too long before they realized that UPS and others could deliver their products for them, saving them time to produce more products at home, rather than constantly traveling to personally deliver everything. Some of the regular excellent markets were the Daytona Beach area, Ft. Lauderdale, and all along the west coast of Florida as well as the Florida Keys.  

Just a few months after starting up the business, Rick and Nancy and the boys jumped into an old Ford Econoline van, vaguely set up for camping, (though without any air-conditioning at all) and drove from Florida to California and down into Mexico, and back home to Florida, selling their painted sand dollars to pay for the trip…staying in KOA campgrounds, nightly, to save money.  That turned out to be a very special month-long trip for the small young family.

Later, on suggestions from some of our business associates, we began expanding and selling our products all along the coastal USA, to places like the Gulf Coast, Myrtle Beach, Virginia Beach, and Ocean City, Maryland, as well as all through the Bahamas and caribbean.  The markets kept on expanding for us as our little company grew and we developed awesome friendships with other business people, along the way.  

As this new company developed, other items were added to the nautical line, which were not really related to the ocean, but seemed to be quite popular, such as airbrushed license plates, t-shirts, decals, magnets and a variety of other products.  These new products allowed sales territories to expand from just the coastal USA, to far inland, to all the other states also.  

After about 20 years in business, the company found that the “other items” seemed to be at least as popular as the nautical line we were producing, so we changed both the product lines as well as the company name.  Being avid scuba divers, we were also continually becoming more concerned….from an environmental standpoint… about taking things out of the ocean for commercial use.  So…the new name of “Advanced Graphics” was chosen as it could incorporate the larger variety of new, unusual and exciting, “artsy” things we were developing. 

We found that all these new items could be successfully sold through gift, souvenir and specialty stores, as well as the large super-retailers, as we had, by this time, developed a large variety of colorful items to fit quite a few markets.

On occasion, we have even done some manufacturing for some very well-known, very large companies, although that is not really what we normally do.

More recently, we shortened the name from “Advanced Graphics, Inc.” to just “AGI”, as we saw this “name-shortening” as a trend with a lot of other companies, also, and we liked the change, so we went with it.  

Along the way, we also developed several very successful brand names….among them…our two most successful were ”Salty Bones”….. mostly catering to the saltwater fishermen and scuba diving markets and “Bones Outdoors” ….for the freshwater fishing and hunting markets.  We are still continually developing new, creative and exciting products under both of these popular brand names. 

At AGI, we have always thought of our people more like “team members”….or even “family”, rather than just “workers” or “employees”, as we believe that each one is very important to us and critical to the success of the company.  Plus, we really do work together well and enjoy each other’s company.  This whole concept is very important to the owners, who want to always keep AGI as a really special and fun place to be.  Some of our people have been with us well over 30 years, with quite a few reaching the 10 and 20 year marks, also.

Another thing that is encouraged at AGI is always keeping a fun, creative, spark going… and with it, we are continually developing new products, all the time.  Our people really take pride in the things they develop and manufacture for our customers.  Most all of our products are manufactured here in the USA… another fact we are proud of.

Our current and future plans include always trying to stay current with the hot new trends, but not to rush to try to come up with items that would be produced for short-lived fads that we perceive will come and go, very quickly.

We would especially like to take a moment to thank all of you who have been our loyal customers, through the years.  It has truly been our privilege to serve you… And for those of you who would like to become customers, it would be an honor for us to serve you in the future, also.